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Unfinished Bathroom Vanities-Apply your own finish to match your bathroom

If you are worried you will not find any matching vanities for your place, do not despair: you have a large assortment of unfinished bathroom vanity sets to choose from. This way, you are not restricted to choosing from the commercial and widely available finishing solutions most vanities have. Even if you have a unique color or finishing treatment in your bathroom, you will be able to match it perfectly.

Not everyone likes the usual finish on bathroom vanities. For those willing to spend the extra time needed to check every tiny detail, unfinished wooden bathroom vanities are a must.

 By getting your vanities before any finish is applied, you have total control over it. Just like any other type of furniture, you can finish it in any number of ways – always keeping in mind it will be used in a wet place. With this in mind you will be able to apply the proper protection for high moisture areas giving you an advantage over some of the other vanities that are already stained from the manufacture.

Another big advantage is you can choose the exact stain that you want with the extra clear polyurethane protection final coating allowing you to choose a loss, high-gloss, Matt. This gives you an advantage over the readymade vanity units that are available in your box stores.

Although unfinished vanities are not a very common option (most people prefer getting a ready to install vanity) they offer some unique advantages. If some do not want to spend any more time around vanities other than choosing their preferred model, and searching for the best price; others are willing to take as long as it takes, in order to get the perfect bathroom vanity they envision in their bathrooms decor.

Building a Bathroom Vanity-Make your own bathroom vanity
Though Building a Bathroom Vanity is not for all, there are many people out there with the knowledge and the right tools if you decide to build a bathroom vanity, you can end up with a similar (or even better) vanity for a lot less and it will be custom made to your exact design specifications, fitting perfectly in your own bathroom plans.

Discount Bathroom Vanities-An affordable solution for bathroom remodeling
Discount Bathroom Vanities will show you can do it for far less money than you thought. Do not let your fear keep you away from your ideal bathroom design. An affordable solution to add a fresh new style and design to your bathroom plans.

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