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Pegasus Bathroom Vanities-First choice for quality bathroom furniture/accessories

I do not believe you have not heard of Pegasus Bathroom Vanity before. Pegasus is one of the top selling and widely known vanity manufacturers. Chances are you’ve browsed through their products, but didn’t realize it was from Pegasus. Do not worry; I will be introducing it to you.

Pegasus pretty much covers all ground when it comes to bathroom vanities. From faucets to bathroom vanity cabinets, they have it all. With excellent country and traditional vanity styles and designs along with a selection of contemporary/modern bathroom accessories, Pegasus is the prime choice for anyone looking for high quality bathroom vanity furniture.

Although you would usually dismiss this kind of vanity, thinking such high quality sets to be out of your price range; you will be pleased to find it carries a very affordable price tag. Acquiring a good quality bathroom vanity at a discount price is one way to keep within your budget and you are doing your bathroom remodeling.

Most Pegasus clients choose Pegasus bathroom vanities again when they need to equip a new bathroom. Once you get it, chances are you will not need to redecorate for a very long time – even if you do, it is likely you will be able to keep using the same vanities (unless you really do want to change it).

Sure you can find cheaper vanities, but when you can get such high quality products from Pegasus for just a little more, why bother? Head to your nearest Pegasus reseller and make your order – you will not regret it.

Marble Bathroom Vanities-Add a natural stone element to your bathroom
Marble Bathroom Vanities certainly have a very distinct look that attracts everyone to that beautiful natural stone. Marble has been used in luxury bathrooms for over two hundred years. Every inch of marble has its own unique pattern that makes every marble bathroom vanity unique.

Maple Bathroom Vanities-Natural wood vanity cabinet solution
Maple Bathroom Vanities are a very durable wood with a uniform texture with different finishes available, wooden bathroom vanities have come a long way since their creation. You can now have maple bathroom vanities hand glazed providing you a rich aged appearance with plenty of character.

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