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Mobile Home Bathtubs-Replacing your bathtub in a modular home

A Mobile Home Bathtub has some unique requirements. Most of the time we’re talking about cheaper plastic or fiber glass bath tubs – although some luxury homes may have better ones. But you can rest assured you will not easily find a solid copper bath tub in a mobile home (unless maybe it belongs to some Hollywood movie star).

Most of the time, people looking for mobile home bathtubs do so because they need to replace their old tubs. While it may look a complex task, as long as you replace it for a similar model, it can still be accomplished by a skilful do-it-yourself project.

 Or else, just hire the service of a professional installer. If you plan to replace your bathtub for a different model, than it is almost certain you will need some other modifications to be made to your existing plumbing and vents.

No bathtub can last forever, and mobile home bathtubs bathrooms are no exception. Fortunately, replacing your tub and its surrounds can be done in a few hours and shouldn’t cost you a fortune. After all, you will not be able to live in a bathtub-less mobile home for long.

Just remember to check around several suppliers before you commit yourself, to ensure you get the best possible deal. Check on the size and make proper measurements for your tub this will give you a good idea of what style, type and material that you will be looking for. A backsplash or tub surround is a great idea to incorporate in your new bathtub along with some new faucets to finish off your installation project.

Bathtub Shower-The best of both worlds for bathroom accessories
More often than not, the Bathtub Shower ends up being used more than the bath tub itself that is why the bath tub shower combination works so well. There are a lot of options to help you shower in your bath tub.

American Standard Bathtubs-Bathtub Fixtures, Faucets, Cast-Iron, Corner Tub
There is nothing standard about the American Standard Bathtubs. With a large range of different bath tub models, American Standard is well equipped to offer you whatever you may need for your own bathroom.

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