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Marble Bathroom Vanities-Add a natural stone element to your bathroom

I do not know about you, but marble bathroom vanities certainly have a very distinct look that attracts me. Marble has been used in luxury bathrooms for over two hundred years. Even so, if you think this would turn it into some kind of old-fashioned style, you are seriously mistaken. Marble bathroom vanities still has some trump cards up its sleeves.

The unique thing about marble is that, although it is a stone, it presents some very interesting and lifelike qualities. For once, no piece of marble looks exactly the same - it’s just like wood. Every inch of marble has its own unique pattern that makes every bathroom vanity unique.

This also means that you have a large assortment of marble bathroom vanity qualities to choose from. From cheaper suppliers to the amazing (and expensive) Carrera marble. Each piece will be a unique cut and have a variety of its own different colors and different grains this is what makes this type of stone unique and work well in just about any bathroom home theme.

If you want the perfect bathroom for your luxurious home, installing quality marble bathroom vanities will certainly do the trick. Even if you cannot afford a fully-fledged marble bathroom, you can still do quite nicely with some lower cost marble vanities.

That is the good thing with marble, even lower cost stones look great. In the end, you will be pleased just the same, every time you enter you newly redecorated bathroom. Updating your bathroom sink and vanity may be just as easy as getting a beautiful piece of cultured marble, granite or onyx top.

Bathroom Vanity Countertops-Add an attractive countertop to your new bathroom unit
An important piece of every cabinet is the countertop after all, a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet is not only about choosing the right door style to match the rest of the decor; it also needs to have a great looking counter top. Choosing the right Vanity Countertop will provide a distinctive custom appeal and a fresh new style.

Wood Bathroom Vanities-Add the warmth of wood to your bathroom plans
Wood Bathroom Vanities can turn any ordinary bathroom decor into a unique environment. Wood is so much more natural, it does not greet you with a cold touch. Create your dream bathroom with natural high quality materials like solid wood in a variety of different wood species.

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