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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only is it there when you wake up in the morning but it's there in the middle of the night and when you get ready to go out. The bathroom is one of the easiest place to put your signature design and ideas to work.

Having the ability to add a beautiful bathroom vanity, mirror, a new bathtub and a variety of bathroom fixtures that will create a beautiful ambience of lighting. This not only provides you a new fresh up-to-date bathroom decor but it also has the added benefit of increasing the value of your home.

Bathroom Vanities-An affordable way for remodeling your bathroom

Bathroom Vanities are one of the top choices and easiest way to create a new theme or freshen up your bathroom. Vanity units come in a wide range of styles and designs from modern/contemporary to the vintage style of the antique vanity.

Beautiful handcrafted mission style bathroom furniture are best known for their elegant appearance and typically can be the furniture units that you see as double sinks (60 inch vanity units). Vanities are a great way to add that extra storage space that always seems to be a premium in bathroom planning.Modern double vanity with under mount sinks with large framed bathroom mirror, bathroom vanities, bathroom furniture.

Bathroom Vanities are typically the focal point of a bathroom design which is why it makes it such an important decision when you are deciding on the theme and style for your bathroom. You want to highlight it as much as possible when you are putting all your bathroom ideas together.

A big decision is what type of material or combination of materials you want to work with in your vanity.(Natural wood, glass, stainless steel, chrome) give you a variety of different textures and flavors that you can add or have part of by the use of other accessories providing your vanity its overall unique appeal.

Bathroom Sinks-Vintage, modern, small, contemporary/modern you decide

Bathroom Sinks have the ability of adding that extra unique touch to your bathroom theme. Coming in a variety of different materials (marble, granite, glass) the designer palette is wide open for what you want to use. Typically you want your sink or vanity countertop to blend well with this style and theme of your vanity unit itself.

Natural wood color will look beautiful with a natural granite or marble top. Glass vanity vessels have become a very popular choice for the modern/contemporary styling choice. This type of sink provide you a wide choice of wall mount faucets with a waterfall accent.

Undermount sinks and drop in sinks allow you to purchase the sink and the vanity countertop separate providing you a choice of installing an undermount sink giving you a clean edge usually provided by a granite or marble vanity top.  White porcelain sinks in a row with modern stainless steel tall faucets, bathroom sinks, bathroom vanity sinks.The bathroom sinks themselves typically come in five different types of bathroom sink styles and depending on the use that you have from this size to just overall aesthetics will depend on which type you will need. The vanity sink itself is a sink that is installed right into your bathroom unit itself typically under mount or drop-in style.

Pedestal sinks are a great choice for small bathrooms providing you a single pedestal with the sink on top giving you ample room around the bottom giving you a more open feel. Pedestal sinks typically are made from porcelain or marble. Your vessel sink can be made out of wide variety of materials (glass, metal, and stone) and typically sit on top of your vanity unit.

For smaller bathrooms a console sink works well as it is mounted directly to the wall and has no bottom cabinet underneath allowing your bathroom to feel bigger. Wall-mounted sinks work the same way and are typically found in public restrooms, because there an easy way to install a sink when you have limited amount of space.

Bathroom Faucets-The centerpiece for your vanity and bathtub

Bathroom Faucets not only provide you with the ability to add water to your sink or bathtub it is a very aesthetic touch to your bathroom decor. Faucets typically have the ability to take a very plain type of vanity unit and make it an overall unique looking appearance by drawing your eyes to a beautiful set of bathroom sink faucets. When you are looking for a faucet you will find that they come in a variety of different styles, colors and sizes. Faucet with drip of water that looks like a ball on a string, bathroom faucets, modern bathroom faucets

Cost of faucets can be very affordable from a typical price of $30-$200 and more the thing to remember is that cheaper faucets are typically made with lower grade internal parts providing them with a lower cost to purchase. The downside of this is you are going to have to repair it because of the seals leaking or replace it because it's cheaper than repairing it.

Bathroom faucets come in single hole and multiple hole style combinations depending on what your vanity unit or countertop has for holes that are drilled. The style of your faucet can depend on your design ideas. Modern styles may include the widespread bathroom faucet or you may be more looking towards the vintage style of the porcelain antique or even oiled bronze rubbed type of a found material.

Bathtubs-Modern/contemporary, vintage, walk-in bathing experience

Bathtubs have the ability to take your bathroom and make it into your own luxury spa hydrotherapy treatment center. As if you have not guessed by now how important the bathtub is in your design you will find that there is no other single element that you can provide in your bathroom that puts your stamp on the style and elegance that are you are looking for in your overall bathroom plan.

Bathroom ideas typically come from pictures that you've put together or found online and you probably saw a beautiful bathtub that gave you the idea of your whole theme that you want to incorporate.Large white standing porcelain bathtub with bath towels hung over, bathtubs, clawfoot bathtubs, modern bathtubs

Bathtubs have been designed to fit in just about every size and shape that you can conceive for your bathroom. If you are dealing with a small bathroom you can either use a small corner bathtub or just an overall smaller bathtub with the combination of a shower. If you have a good open area with at least 6 feet you can use a clawfoot bathtub giving you a more vintage styling, you will find these also come in acrylic materials providing you with a lighter option for installation.

Massage/hypo-therapy types of bathtubs provide you with Jets that help relax your muscles while soaking in a hot tub. This type of installation costs more and should be thought through before adding it to your bathroom plan. If removing your tub is not an option or you do not want to go through all the work to remove it to replace it your other option is bathtub refinishing.

This allows you to refresh your bathtub to almost a new look by removing rust, scuff marks, scratched dull finishes, small chips and especially what a lot of people are trying get rid of is the outdated colors of the bathtub.

Modern Bathroom Vanities-Give your bathroom a new contemporary decor
Modern Bathroom Vanities can bring your bathroom to the forefront of a new contemporary design. Bathroom vanities are a brilliant easy way to completely change your bathrooms decor. Offer your bathroom a beautiful new modern stylish vanity set I will provide you with the bathroom facelift you deserve.

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets-A modern faucet choice for your bathroom decor
Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets offer you interesting possibilities. If you want to break away from traditional bathroom styles and add a subtle touch of elegance to your decor, wall mounted faucets provide you a unique faucet style. Save counter space by installing your faucet on the wall.

Bathtub and Sink-Bathroom Refinishing Treatments, Restore your Bathroom Decor
No bathroom is complete without a Bath Tub and Sink. But no matter how much you paid or which brand you have selected, eventually it will begin to show its age. As you will all agree, no one is really keen on having to buy a new bath tub and sink, and everything else.

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