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Handicap Bathtubs-Handicap Accessible, Walk in Bathtubs, Safety Bathtubs

A Handicap Bathtub does not need to be different from a regular tub. In fact, most of the time, with the right accessories, you can transform your standard bathtub and turn it into a more handicap accessible bathtub item. Not everyone can jump in and out of a deep tub as easily as you may think.

For more severe mobility problems, you may require a walk-in bathtub model, with or without tub sliding doors. That is usually the best model for people in wheel chairs, allowing them to take their baths with little or no help at all.

But keep in mind that the bathtub is but one element in the entire bathroom. You will probably need to think about the bathroom as a whole and make sure everything is easily accessible and safe for someone that has a disability. By providing the right grabbed handles and non-slippery floor material you will create a safe bathing area for the mobility impaired.

Although mobility problems can be hard to deal with, they are not the end-of-the-world. People can adapt to seemingly impossible situations, with often surprisingly results. Building a handicap friendly bathroom is just one more step you will have to take to regain your own independence.

With so many special handicap bathtub models to choose from, you can rest assured there are a lot manufacturers caring for your needs. Keep in mind that your overall goal is to provide an easy, safe and overall comfortable bathtub that has easy accessibility and safety features (grabbed handles) for the handicapped.

Walk-In Bathtub-Bathroom remodeling for safety & security
There are many different Walk-In Bathtub models to choose from, each one particularly suited to different needs and applications whether it is for disabled bathing or just for assisted bathing you can even get a walk-in whirlpool bath tub.

Premier Bathtubs-Walk-In Bathtubs, safety bathtub home solution
Premier Bathtubs are considered as one of the most important roles in your bathroom plan and functionality. Being one of the world leaders in bathtub manufacturing you will find easy design access walk-in bathtubs, walk-in showers along with power lifts for easy access for in and out of your tub. If you need assistance when bathing then you need access to a safety bathtub that suits your particular needs.

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