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Cast Iron Bathtubs-Add a true vintage style to your bathroom

Although there are a lot of acrylic bathtub offerings, nothing beats a good old cast iron bathtub. Of course, there are other issues involved: your budget, the type and style of the bathtub you want, and so on – but if it comes down to choosing between similar models, I wouldn’t trade a cast iron bath tub for plastic.

Although acrylic tubs are much lighter and may offer similar performance, cast iron bathtubs are a lot more durable. While plastic tubs can start to look dull after a few years of intensive use, cast iron bathtubs can keep their shiny new look for a lifetime.

Sure, it requires careful use (avoid scratching it) and cleaning, but that holds true for any other type of bathtub. But do not take my word for it, search around the internet and read about what other people say about it. By properly clean your tub with mild cleaners that are recommended by the manufacturer your cast iron bathtub will stay new looking for many years.

The debate about the cast iron bathtubs versus acrylic bathtubs is far from over. While some people value lower cost over longevity, the only one that can make the right decision is you. Only you can decide which bathtub is best for you depending if you are looking for may be a kohler cast-iron bathtub or clawfoot cast-iron bathtub, on this particular moment, with this particular budget.

 All you can do is read as much about it so you can make an educated decision – but in the end, it is your call. Also depending if you require a specific size for the area in your bathroom it may be easier with the acrylic tub for size but with searching you can typically find the right cast-iron bathtub that will fit perfectly in your bathroom.

Clawfoot Bathtubs-Classic vintage style bathtub with modern appeal
It is amazing to see Clawfoot bathtubs still going strong in the 21st century. I guess it is the living proof that a vintage bathtub style really is timeless. If you are fond of classic decor and need a matching bathtub for your bathroom fixtures and accessories, you really need to have a look at these unique claw foot bathtubs.

Antique Bathtubs-Vintage clawfoot bathtubs with modern appeal
It is a bit strange, in this modern world, to find so many people looking for Antique Bathtubs for their classic styled bathrooms. No matter what you may think, the truth is the old Victorian bathroom style does indeed look great. When you add that missing piece to your bathroom, everything will come together at last.

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