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Bathtub Shower-The best of both worlds for bathroom accessories

More often than not, the bath tub shower ends up being used more than the bath tub itself that is why the bath tub shower combination works so well. Unless you really have a lot of free time, and are willing to pay for the extra water use, a quick shower is a lot more convenient.

So, if you use your shower enclosure most of the time and don’t want to waste any extra money or space on a dedicated shower cabin, you can use a bath tub shower combination, like most people do.

There are a lot of options to help you shower in your bath tub. The most important being vinyl curtains or glass/acrylic bathtub shower doors, to prevent splashing water all over – a must in any bathroom remodeling.

Of course, you can also choose from a large selection of shower heads: high pressure, adjustable, massage, hand-held, there is an abundance of bathtub faucet shower accessories, you name it and they will have it! Just keep in mind that you will be using it daily; so be sure to buy quality bath products unless you want to begin your days with a cranky showerhead getting you in a bad mood.

The greatest advantage of the bath tub shower combination has over the shower stall enclosures is that, every once in a while, whenever you feel like it, you can fill your bath tub with warm, cozy water, and jump in for a relaxing immersion bath. That way you can have the best of both worlds – a quick daily shower, and a longer bath on the weekends or on special occasions.

Bath Tub Enclosure-Add protection & design for your bathroom design
There are several different types of Bathtub Enclosures, but its purpose is the same: to keep water, splashes, and steam within the bathtub area. There are framed and frameless bath tub models, with glass shower doors or plastics barriers; and for every price range.

Bathtub Surround-Add a stunning wall design to your bathroom decor
If most people knew how simple it is to install a bathtub surround, they would not hesitate for a second to do a bathroom renovation and install a bath enclosure. With a set of bath tub surround bath walls you will have a brand new shower wall enclosure in just a couple of hours.

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