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Bathtubs-A fresh new bathroom centerpiece for your bathroom decor

If you plan on remodeling your bathroom the good news is you will find a huge selection of bathtubs and shower options that manufacturers offer in today's market. Remember that depending on the style and design of the bath tub that you choose will directly affect the overall bathroom plan and your budget. By installing updated technology is something that you will find greatly will determine your cost, in both the purchase price and the updated bath installation you will have to do.

Your Investment Price Will Depend on Type, Style, Accessories of Your Tub

If your bathroom refinishing plans are to create a home bath spa, or installing a whirlpool bath tub or as steam equip shower spa you have to think of it as an investment in your dream bathroom with some Beautiful Bath tubs & accessories

On the other side you may just want to add a standard bathtub or shower, without any jets or upgraded accessories. In both situations how can you be positive the tub model you pick will meet your needs and deliver durability in everyday use, keep in mind that price doesn't necessarily mean a quality bathtub whether is a walk-in bath tub or clawfoot bath tub, you must shop around and compare bathtubs and the different features and always ask questions.Modern built-in jetted Jacuzzi tub with brass faucets, spa bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs.

Learn What Is Involved for Installing Different Bathtub Models

Read some bathtub reviews on different manufactures and models. Searching the Internet will allow you to get to manufactures and bathtub distributors websites where you can read detailed information about the different bathroom procedures for renovating.

Like whirlpools, tubs for two, soaker tubs with choices of scalloped or streamlined models, oval, square and rounded bath tubs. If you are looking for a high-end bath tub you can find some models that the tub is set into platforms or tubs with neck rests, an armrest and some even a built-in TV.

Choosing a Bathtub Style That Suits Your Bathroom Plan

Before you decide on which tub style you would like, make sure you ask yourself what you would want out of the bath tub. Are you the type that enjoys a long lingering hot soak or maybe a therapeutic massage? The whirlpool bath tubs are becoming a regular feature in the new homes that are built, which you may consider if you plan on selling your home someday.

 Having a professionally built in tub provides you with a nice shelf that surrounds the tub allowing you for storage of your soap and shampoo's. Determine the size of area that you have to work with this will help you in choosing the size and both the shape of the tub that you will need.Looking down on full bathtub with ipad on bathtub caddy, modern bathtubs, unique bathtubs

 If you have a small area to work with you will choose a small tub or even a corner tub depending on the overall plan that you have for the bathroom. If you are going to have a soaker tub/spa tub installed remember you need to provide access panels so that you can get to the pump for cleaning and maintenance. This may be from the front of the tub or through this side which may give you more access directly at the pump.

Metal Bathtubs Are Replaced with Acrylic

Metal bathtubs were used in older home construction and if you want to replace them because they are scratched or refinish some that can be done. Finding a used metal tub means just checking out a store that carries reusable's for home renovating. One of the preferred choices for people is to replace the metal tub with the acrylic bathtub as these are built for the size replacement of the older units.

Different Types of Modern Bathtub Material:

  • Fiberglas Bathtubs: A light weight and less expensive material this type of bath tub scratches very easily and will have visual signs of wear in about 12 years. To hold up better some manufactures apply an acrylic finish, which will hold up better for durability.
  • Solid Acrylic Bathtubs: Acrylic bathtubs are more durable than Fiberglass and are in the mid-price range. Because it can be shaped easy whirlpool bath tubs are made of this lightweight material.
  • Cast-Iron Bathtubs: Cast-Iron Bathtubs are heavy and long lasting, the porcelain enamel coated cast iron will last as long as the house. You can find some beautiful cast iron claw foot bathtubs for your bathroom decor.
  • Metal Bathtubs: Commonly found in older home construction the metal bathtubs typically were 6 feet long that fit within a narrower and long bathroom, these can now be replaced with the acrylic bathtubs.

White acrylic bathtub in front of the windows with waterfront view, acrylic bathtubs, bathroom ideas The size and shapes and all of the featured bathroom accessories will vary but for installation terms there is only a few basic styles. Bathtubs placed against three sides are either recessed bathtubs or alcove being the most common. If you're thinking of a freestanding tub you will find they will come with legs, feet or a pedestal.

A drop in bathtub is built inside a platform and framing needs to properly be constructed to fit the proper size of tub. I bathtub liner is an option that you can use by simply buying the acrylic outside finish and putting it right over top of the old finish tub and gluing it to make it a solid surface (you can practically not even tell it is a liner).

Bathtub refinishing or tub replacement which ones for you?

  • Bathtub Replacing: Most new bathtubs are not all that expensive but you have to add in the cost of installing it. After the water is off and the drain is flushed you have to remove the tub from the wall. If it's a standard 30 x 60 inch tub you may have to carry it out sideways or even a window. Another solution is to break it up with a hammer or a saw, which is messy and time-consuming.
  • Bathtub Refinishing: If you're tub is in fairly good condition you can refinish it instead of the hassle of a full bathtub renovation. Minor chips and cracks in enamel or porcetainilized bathtub tubs can be repaired and reglazed, the surface and will last about another five years and look brand-new.

All the restorative and refreshing benefits that water can do are very powerful, it does not matter if we relax and soak in it or stand under streams of water. You will see when you research that there are many types of water experiences available in Bath tubs and Showers. If you're usually rushing to move on with your busy day, you may want to look at a no-frills tub or shower.

Bathtubs Help You Relieve the Stress of the Day

But if you are looking for an ambience experience so you can relieve stress and relax you may want to look at a pampering soaking bath tub, spa like whirlpools or some fully loaded showers. We have gathered all types of bath and shower options, from your basic simplicity to sumptuous relaxation. Please take the time to review our bath tub article resources that can help you in reviewing bathtubs that will help suit all your needs.

Clawfoot Bathtubs-Classic vintage style bathtub with modern appeal
It is amazing to see Clawfoot bathtubs still going strong in the 21st century. I guess it is the living proof that a vintage bathtub style really is timeless. If you are fond of classic decor and need a matching bathtub for your bathroom fixtures and accessories, you really need to have a look at these unique claw foot bathtubs.

Bathtub Refinishing-Bathroom Remodeling, Reglazing, Painting
People forget to consider Bathtub Refinishing when they look at their bathroom idea plans.You have the ability to do bathtub refinishing by glazing or painting your bathtub by doing a proper repair on your bathtub you will be able to affordably refinish your tub to a new finish look.

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