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Bathroom Vanity Sinks-A new style and functionality your bathroom

Bathroom Vanity Sinks are often called lavatories or maybe even basins in the industry. The bathroom sinks come as rectangles, ovals, circles and other different shapes depending on the style and decor you are trying to create. Manufacturers have taken it to extreme lengths to provide sinks with appeal but the more simple shapes will be more practical and easy to keep clean. 

Choose the Right Sink for Your Bathroom Plan

A couple of different bathroom vanity sink designs are free standing sinks which are those which are designed specifically to go in corners or be used in a small bathroom setting allowing for more room and can be mounted either by directly on the wall or on legs or pedestals.

The freestanding sinks do not provide you with storage space as part of the unit so consider other cabinetry that you can install in your bathroom. All these bathroom vanity sinks are available in different colors and shapes along with any sizes to suit any style or taste.Blue glass bathroom sink vessel on top of glass vanity top with wall faucet, bathroom vanity sinks, countertop bathroom sinks.

They can come with flat bathroom vanity tops or a different raised backsplash that will meet the wall. While you can place a pedestal vanity sink into a small space, it would have more appeal with a great open space on either side. Also bear in mind that with this style you are losing storage space and you have to decide whether this is the type of bathroom decor idea that you want for your bathroom plan.

 Bathroom Humidity Is a Concern When Choosing a Vanity Top and Sink

Steam and moisture can take their toll on a bathroom vanity top, even a very well vented bathroom, so it is very important to select the right mate nails for the whole bathroom. Ceramic tile tops are always a classic choice as is also a solid surfacing material and plastic laminate.

Marble and granite are natural stone that are well-suited for the bathroom and are well protected against moisture or water that can come in contact with this particular material. Maintenance and upkeep are very simple, clean with the recommended polish/cleaner and you may want to finish with a good Aruba wax to give it that special shine.

 If your choices are natural stone then granite seems to be the most popular material, though what seems to be prevailing is concrete and engineered stone that are made of high concentrations of natural quartz and color pigments along with polymer. This seems to be a winner with the modern bathroom vanity tops. Natural stone slabs, engineered stone or hard painted stone are the high end price scale.

Man-Made Materials An Affordable Solution for the Sink

 As these are manufactured with stone types of an appearance they are also very durable for the moisture level as with their counterpart of natural stone. Your natural stones will give you a lot more interesting intricate designs whereas the quartz that is man-made everything will be consistent which may be what you are looking for in your vanity sink

 The manufactured tile with solid surfacing natural stone is about the middle of the spectrum. The concrete seems to be about the mid to the lower cost as along with the laminate and vinyl. These prices will vary depending on the quality and the type of application that you require.

Different styles of bathroom vanity sinks

There are many different styles of vanity sinks that can enhance your bathroom vanity cabinet after you have chosen your bathroom vanity. There are a variety of styles that you may choose from when deciding on the sink. The bathroom sink can be a main focal point of your vanity unit itself. Coming in a variety of different materials such as granite, quartz and to a less expensive plastic composite.White pedestal sink with Ceramic white and brass faucet and drain combination, modern bathroom sinks, glass bathroom vanity sinks.

The mounting of the sink will also have a big impact on your vanity top whether you using under mount sink which is glued and supported from underneath or atop Mount which sits on top of the unit and is sealed with caulking. Shape and size have a big impact on not only the vanity unit that you choose but also take into consideration your faucets, the height of the faucet and the length of the nozzle can also determine the type of sink that you will want to choose.

bathroom sink styles consist of:

  • Rimmed Sinks: In this style the sink sits in the hole and is level with the countertop around the edges which will form the proper seal.
  • Under mount Sinks: This style the sink has mounts underneath with no useable hardware. This gives you a neat and beautiful finish look. They look the best with a solid surfacing or a stone countertop.
  • Self-Rimming Sinks: This sink style is placed into the bathroom vanity unit’s hole which is smaller than the rim of the sink allowing for the sinks outside rim to properly seal the sinks. This style works well with most counter tops.
  • Integral Sinks: This is a one piece vanity top that combines a countertop and sink to one piece making it beautiful and easy installation. The downside is that if broken you have to replace the whole bathroom vanity top.   
  • Freestanding and Pedestal Sink: This style will mount directly to the wall with two legs or one. It has no storage underneath, but they come in either traditional or modern styles.

Designing Your Bathroom Decor Is Easy with Good Information

We want to help you with all your resources and product reviews so that you will have the right knowledge to be able to make the right decision for all your bathroom sinks and vanity counter tops in designing your bathroom decor. Please take the time to read through our resources that are there to help.

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