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Bathroom Vanity Countertops-Add an attractive countertop to your new bathroom unit

An important piece of every cabinet is the Bathroom Vanity Counter Top. After all, a bathroom vanity cabinet is not only about choosing the right door style to match the rest of the decor; it also needs to have a great looking counter top. Thankfully, there are plenty of choices these days, ranges from stones like granite and marble, to wood, metal, glass, and even plastic.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your bathroom vanity counter top is: you will be looking at it every day for a long time to come - so, choose carefully. You might like this countertop now, seeing for the first time; but… will you still like it six months from now, having to look at it daily?

 Sure, whatever counter top you choose, you will eventually grow tired of it – but some vanity counter tops will tire you faster than others. Choosing a beautiful countertop for the vanity should blend well with the theme that you are trying to accomplish. Color is a big significance when you are deciding on the sink you would like.

The style of the sink may determine what countertop you will have so choose wisely whether you are having an under mount sink in over mount sink or a glass vessel that sits on top of your countertop. This should be done before you purchase your countertop as the two should complement each other

Most people prefer choosing neutral colors for their bathroom vanity counter tops. Strong colors usually look nice, but also risk bothering you more once you get used to it.

Of course, this does not mean you cannot use a countertop as a strong element in your bathroom - indeed you can - but you need to find the perfect balance between the counter top and all the other vanities. Once you achieve that, you will be able to enjoy your new bathroom for many years without thinking about redecorating.

Bathroom Vanity Granite-Add a fresh new timeless design for your bathroom
Few things look as good in any house as having a Granite Bathroom Vanity. But if you want to use stone without risking looking too common, you better go along with granite. Adding a new style of color and natural stone aesthetics will complement any bathroom you plan to install in.

Glass Bathroom Vanities-Add a fresh contemporary style to your bathroom
If you are happy with your current bathroom but have the feeling something is missing, you are probably lacking some Glass Bathroom Vanities. No matter what style you choose, glass is the only element that is able to blend in perfectly. Contemporary/modern vanities with glass are designed for simple living with a touch of class.

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