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Antique Bathroom Vanities-Timeless elegance with contemporary functionality

Antique Bathroom Vanities are a great look if you are in the market for the nostalgic bathroom vanity theme. Your choices will vary depending on the era and feel that you want to achieve. By combining the right bathroom faucets and vanity mirrors you can take yourself back in time by standing in front of your own antique bathroom vanity cabinet.

Give Your Bathroom an Elegant Classic Charm

This type of furniture style of bathroom vanity will give your bathroom a very elegant and refined finish impressing anyone that enters your washroom. By adding a new modern antique bathroom style you will incorporate both the elegant charming classic style with the functionality of new contemporary bathroom furniture.

Your old classic looking antique vanities can be built with solid antique wood used from old barns and bridges and then a china top added giving it that royal look. Your choice for the countertop could be marble or a nice limestone depending on your bathrooms decor plans.

Antique Vanity Units Are Affordable Solutions

 These types of classic vanity bathroom furniture are chemically treated in the protection against warping and protection of the etching and carvings that make the antique bath vanity so unique. Some of these special vanities will come as a complete unit both with the sink with matching faucets, you also have the option of purchasing the vanity unit separate allowing you to choose the type and style of faucet that you would like to sit on top of your new vanity

The quality of the antique furniture style is top of the line. They are built using very high density fiber board and finished off with a beautiful stain finish. The vanity unit uses the under mount style sink and is matched with the vanities countertop to finish it off. With this design of vanity furniture the antique unit has plenty of storage space for all your growing needs.

They are usually accented with antique water faucets and finished off with some choice antique brass or ceramic hardware. Marble top bathroom vanities allow you to have the look of antique style with the durability of a modern bathroom vanity. This is the best way to give you your contemporary functionality while still giving you today's high quality accessories

Victorian Style Accessories Help Finish off Your Classic Bathroom Theme

If you are looking to replace the master bath or guest bath vanity, the Victorian style vanities can be ready for installation and give you that beautiful antique appearance. To finish off the theme of the bathroom some antique lightening fixtures should be chosen like some opal shaped etched glass and then a beautiful antique mirror to finish off your antique bathroom vanity.

The introduction of a new bathroom vanity will enhance and give your bathroom a new and beautiful appearance. We want to help find all your vanity needs and help you plan a new bathroom decor. We have gathered resources and reviews that we think will help you. Please take the time to read thru our resources.

Victorian Bathroom Vanity-Classic antique vanities for a modern home
Looking for a specific Victorian Bathroom Vanity to finish your decoration? If you’re having a hard time finding the exact piece you require, maybe youre not looking in the right places. The Victorian, antique style is truly timeless in their design. By using modern functionality and design you will get affordable quality bathroom furniture.

Mission Bathroom Vanity-Traditional style for your bathroom decor
Mission Bathroom Vanity looks as amazing today in a modern home as it did back when it was first created centuries ago. No matter how fast new styles and designs are created, antique bathroom vanities will always be appreciated. The truth is the mission bathroom vanity style can create an environment that no modern looking bathroom could ever achieve.

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