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60 Inch Bathroom Vanity-Double the space twice the bathroom pleasure

If there is something really worth getting (as long as you have the space for it) it is a 60 Inch Bathroom Vanity. If you are tired of constantly getting in the way or needing to give way when washing your face in those stressful workday mornings this is everything you could ever want: a wide double sink 60 inch bathroom vanity.

If you have 60 inches or more of available space you can get a double sink that will allow both you and your partner to use the bathroom without getting in the way of each other. Though you might think this seems like a minor thing, it can often escalate to bigger problems. If you know what I mean, you will certainly agree that this vanity can even help prevent a lot of those issues.

Double sink vanities, once restricted to luxury houses and apartments, are now finally within reach of most homeowners. As long as you plan a 60 inch bathroom vanity space in your new bathroom, you can rest assured all your bathroom sharing issues will be gone.

Once you experience that new feeling, one thing is certain: you will never want to move back to a single sink bathroom ever again. These larger vanities give you a wide variety of single choices ranging from the size of 48 to 60 inches with double or single sink applications.

Coming in a variety of styles including Mission style, antique or even a beautiful modern/contemporary look. With the addition of frosted front panels on some models you can provide another texture to the vanity itself.

Mirrors are now expanded to a variety of new choices whether you have dual single ones or one big mirror will depend on your overall style and what you would like to accomplish in your plan. Mirrors reflect and allow the room to feel larger than it is providing you with a more lighted and open bathroom plan.

This size of vanity furniture provides you with almost an endless storage area for all your toiletries including those extra towels and face class that you would like to keep handy.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity-Storage & elegant style for your bathroom
Nearly all bathrooms can accommodate for a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity. If you are still planning your new bathroom, be sure to consider it from the start. Add extra bathroom storage space with double the countertop area with a fresh new design and style.

Mission Style Bathroom Vanities-Add a classic touch to your bathroom
If you though finding those Mission Style Bathroom Vanities you love so much would be a difficult task, you will be pleased to know it will not. These antique looking bathroom vanities are gracing a lot of modern homes although mission style bathroom vanities have been around for many years, subtle changes are introduced constantly, using newer techniques.

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